Wonder Woman Deluxe Girls Costume: Channel Your Heroic Spirit

Transform into Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman Deluxe Girls Costume. Save the world and look good doing it! This costume is a perfect DC fan costume!


Hero in the MakingYour child has a bright future. She could be anything! Perhaps she’ll grow up to be a doctor, or maybe she’ll grow up to be the president. But, you know, if we had to place bets on it, we bet that your child is going to grow to be the best superhero that this world has ever seen! Sure, she might not have the superpowers of Wonder Woman, nor the intense Amazon training like she does, but she’s got plenty of heart and the will to do good in the world! Why, we think that if she had the right outfit, like this Girl’s Deluxe Wonder Woman, she could get started on her hero training right now.Product DetailsThis costume for kids is an officially licensed outfit based on the iconic DC Comics character. This simple costume packs a ton of great details into it, making it the perfect choice for any young superhero! The sleeveless dress features a bright red bodice, which has printed armor details and gold accents in the center. The skirt is made of blue tulle with shimmering gold glitter. The waist has a foam belt that’s shaped like the one worn by Wonder Woman! The matching gauntlets fit around your child’s wrists and a gold armband fits around her arm. Finally, the costume comes with a tiara that fits on your child’s forehead. When you child has it all on, she’ll be ready to face off against the forces of evil!The Path to the Justice LeagueIf your child is ready to start down her path to becoming a superhero, or if she just wants a great look based on her favorite movie character, then this girl’s Wonder Woman costume is an easy choice! Be sure to check out all of our superhero accessories to customize her look!