Adult Pink Poodle Skirt Costume

Use our Adult Pink Poodle Skirt to re-create a great 1950s look for Halloween or a 50s theme party.

Items Included
  • Skirt w/ poodle applique
  • Soft pink fleece skirt with comfortable wide elastic waistband
  • White poodle with a gold sequin leash applique on front


You know the moment when the craving is going to strike. It begins with a slight rumble in your belly and rises up quickly to form a hopeful smile across your face. Soon your breath becomes ragged and you might even find a shiver rush through your body, leaving your skin just tingling. You’ve got almost everything you need just waiting for you in the closet. It’s been a long, long time, and the parlours are all pretty much gone… but you can bring it back. You can bring it all back if only you had the right accessory to finish off the look. All you need to conjure back the 1950s, to resurrect that Pleasantville atmosphere, to find your way back to that most perfect if Ice Cream Parlours with the perfectly swell jukebox music… … is this perfect Pink Poodle Skirt. Let go of the strappings of the modern world and embrace that super swell time by joining this soft pink fleece skirt with the rest of your ‘50s gear. The comfortable elastic waist will keep the skirt fitting great while you twirl to your twisting beats and the adorably embroidered white poodle with its golden sequin leash will call back all the best memories. Accompany the skirt with a nice cardigan sweater and head scarf and wingtip sneakers or roller skates and that delightful Ice Cream will be only seconds away.