Best Costumes for Couples

So Halloween is approaching and you still have no idea how you and your significant other are going to take it this year. Are you going to just take it slow and stay home? Maybe put together a last-minute lazy costume? Go as what you were last year?

To all of that, we give you a resounding heck no1! It’s been a crazy 2020, and you deserve to let off some steam by dressing up as a couple either in a hilarious and zany costume or a sultry outfit that is sure to steal the spotlight. If only there was a quick and easy guide that could help you with your decision…

We realize that just finding a perfect couple’s costume is easier said than done, so we have compiled the best list for you and your partner to peruse. We made it even easier by exclusively pulling costume ideas from the best decade of all time, the 1980’s.

Without further ado, let’s get started!