Items Included
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Headpiece
  • 100% polyester poplin fabric
  • Tailcoat jacket has faux button at front with hook and loop closure
  • Jacket has satin tail sewn to back
  • Pants have elastic back waist, false front fly
  • Soft-sculpted satin horns sewn to elastic chin band
  • Exclusive!


The detailed devil

Everybody has the right to look good every once in a while. You know you like to put on a fancy suit when you go to nice parties. Or if you are going on a date at an upscale restaurant. Or sometimes just because you want to look sharp. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. So, why is it that folks tend to react so strongly whenever you show up looking spiffy? Heck, they seem to act like the world is ending. It’s darn frustrating. Is it your stunning style?

Actually, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on. It’s probably that mysterious brimstone and sulfur cologne you’ve got going on. Maybe has something to do with the tail… the horns. The aura of hellfire around you does give you a pretty striking look but there are certain troubling connotations with a devil that gets people nervous! Fortunately, there are some times where those hellish details are not only accepted but actively cheered for!

Design & details

Time to put those details to the test and we’re happy to help refine your style with our Red Devil Suit costume. This is a practically sinful costume that was put together by our in-house design team as part of our Made by Us costume line. We’re not saying they’re all devils but they clearly struck up a deal to come up with this tailcoat jacket and pant combo. The fiery ruddy of the suit might be enough to draw attention but you know what they say about devils and details! The satin tail at the back and soft-sculpted horns complete your devilish look!

One heck of a halloween

Stride proudly anywhere you care to go on the night that ghouls and goblins safely jaunt around. Nobody will be terrified to see the devil among them, especially when you’re looking this flashy.