Women’s Art Deco Plus Size Flapper Dress Costume

Whether you are going out dancing for a birthday, bachelorette parties, or just because, order yourself this Women’s Art Deco Plus Size Flapper Dress Costume and you will be the belle of any ball! This features a black dress with gold art deco style detai


Roaring Twenties Part Duex3…2…1… Welcome to the 2020s! We’ve got a brand new decade to celebrate new fashions, trends, and pop culture. But. We’re thinking it might be just a tad like the last time the world had the 20s. You know, the 1920s! Yup, it’s been a hundred years now since the Roaring Twenties started, so we’re thinking the 2020s might be roaring as well. So, it’s the perfect time to grab a flapper costume and celebrate!Flappers, of course, were the fashionable trendsetting women of the era. And another important trend of the 1920s was art deco styling. So, we think it’s the perfect time for you to get this Plus Size Art Deco Flapper Costume and celebrate those trends from back in the day! Who knows, you might just be setting the new trend for this decade by making these brilliant themes fashionable again.product detailsThis Plus Size Women’s Flapper Dress will let you relive the original roaring 20s in shimmering art deco style. The sharp number features a black dress with a sheer overlay, and it has shimmering gold sequins patterns that lean on art deco influence for a stunning effect. The bottom hem of the dress has long strips of fringe fabric attached for extra allure. Get ready to dazzle as a trendsetting flapper dancer, and we’re sure your throwback costume party will be extra fun!throwback party timePerfect for Great Gatsby party, this Art Deco Flapper Dress will have you reliving the past and probably setting trends for the future as well. Be sure to shop all of our flapper accessories and 1920s costumes to get the accessories we have pictured, and to get all the gear needed to fully outfit anyone else who will be celebrating along with you!