Haute Hare Bunny

Items Included
  • Leotard w/ tail
  • Ears headband
  • Choker & cuffs
  • Nylon/ spandex strapless leotard
  • Attached bunny tail
  • Haute Hare Bunny Costume
  • Polyester white satin cuffs w/ black lace trim
  • White tuxedo choker
  • Bunny ear headband
  • Note: these appear slightly different than shown in image


Is there anything more exciting about going to a costume party than showing up in a costume that surprises your friends? You’ll be catching glances as quick as a bunny when you wear this saucy Haute Hare Bunny Costume to the celebration!

Festive costume parties and masquerades are always the perfect time to try out a new, different style. You could adopt a scary or creepy look to startle and gross out your friends, or make an elaborate and weird costume to give them something to think about. The fastest way to turn everyone’s head, though, is by wearing a classy number like this cute bunny outfit! The stylish form-hugging leotard, along with the attached puffy tail and matching fluffy rabbit ear headband, are sure to make you stand out in any crowd. And to emphasize this is a “formal” sexy bunny look, the matching tuxedo cuffs and collar bow tie choker may even get you into black-tie shindigs. (But, you may want to call ahead anyway, just in case…)

A sassy costume like this also needs an equally sassy pair of heels and stockings to complete the look. Black shoes would definitely match the tuxedo motif, but you could try white colored accessories to match the cuffs and ears, or even red, for an edgy sexy bunny ensemble. You may not be the scariest or funniest at the party in this costume, but you’ll definitely make your friends jump in surprise when you hop onto the scene!