Women’s Far Far Away Costume

Need the perfect costume for that galaxy, far away? The Women’s Far Far Away Costume, is a one piece costume with hoodie, that has just what you need to battle any emperor or rebellion and look good doing it.


leading ladySome leading ladies just sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come, playing the damsel in distress role in which they were cast. This princess would rather grab a weapon and plant a blaster bolt right between the eyes of any baddie who looks at her funny. With looks like those and an attitude to match, it’s no wonder her friends and acquaintances can’t keep themselves away from her.product detailsNot only is this costume reminiscent of everyone’s favorite space heroine, it’s also got a little added flair for a modern twist. Show off a little skin while still portraying a strong female figure with this sexy Far Far Away Women’s Costume this Halloween. This costume is also perfect for your next Comic-Con or fan expo – it’s inexpensive and ready to wear! The poly/spandex hooded romper has mesh insets and a matching belt. Grab a cool wig and weapon to round out the look!fall in lineWhether she’s leading the good guys as a member of their deliberative body or taking charge of the resistance as a general, this woman has always been, and will always be, a strong, smart, and confident leader in the galaxy. In a time and place far away, strong female leaders were hard to come by, so she stood out as a shining star amongst the dark sky.