Sexy Black Faux Leather Knee High Boots

This pair of sexy black faux leather knee high boots is a great way to demonstrate your fierceness. Lace these up and get ready to kick butt while looking awesome!


The Power of a Perfect LookNobody questions that the look of your superhero disguise is as important as your superpowers. (Yeah, there are a few out there that try to argue the point, but they are generally mid-ranged anti-heroes that are more about flaunting how naughty they are rather than actually inspiring the world.) Don’t get us wrong… that’s certainly one way to make your name known, but the big-time heroes—and even the villains—are about leaving the populous with a lasting impression… and they know the costume is crucial.Fun DetailsSince we all agree, let’s take time to note that the spandex shorts and flowing cape aren’t enough, folks! You’ve got to have a costume from head to toe—and neglecting the footwear is worse than skipping out on that Arkham visit. You might have a near-perfect costume and we’re ready to finish it off with these stunning Knee-High Boots. There’s something magic about a pair of black lace-up boots and the combo of a 4” heel. The added bonus of an inner thigh zipper and the glossy faux leather finish of these beauties will have you kicking bad-guy butt!Step Up Your Super StyleWhen you’ve got a look that is nearly perfect, that’s pretty awesome. But… it isn’t actually perfect yet, is it! Finish that costume in style with these shiny shoes that’ll leave your enemies sorely stunned.