Plus Size Thankful Pilgrim Costume for Women

Transform into one of the early settlers with the Plus Size Women’s Thankful Pilgrim Costume.


Cooking up TraditionsThe first Thanksgiving party wasn’t a lot like the one we celebrate today. While they ate pumpkin, the rest of the menu consisted of seafood and berries instead of turkey and mashed potatoes. But there are certain Thanksgiving traditions that have been going on since the very beginning. For instance, when Goodwife Johnson first cooked the first Thanksgiving dinner, her dog, Mayflower, got pinched by a lobster that was about to go in the pot and preceded to run through the party with the main course attached to her tail. That same dinner had a raucous kid’s table, an auntie Agnes that insisted on asking personal questions to her teenage nieces and nephews, and some serious napping after the feast. This just goes to show that while the menu might have changed, the chaotic Thanksgiving spirit has remained the same throughout the centuries. Design & DetailsOur creative team worked together to create this Women’s Plus Size Pilgrim Costume. The black dress goes down to the floor and has the classic pilgrim cut that looks like it’s straight out of the history books. Zipping up the back, the top is fitted with a neat peplum at the waist and a ruched, high neck collar. The costume is topped off with a bonnet, ready for Thanksgiving theatrics! Basket CaseAre you looking for a fun way to accessorize this look? Pair this dress with a basket that’s full of Thanksgiving treats and you’ll be welcomed into any room with open arms. This costume is already a wonderful look but when it’s paired with pumpkin spice muffins and apple crisp, it makes people feel like they’re part of the first holiday. Hey, with this mighty pilgrim contribution, maybe this costume will get you out of roasting a turkey this year!