Plus Size Mens Scottish Costume

Get ready to bring that Scot blood to the surface! This Plus Size Mens Scottish Costume makes you look like a traditional man of Scotland. Available in 2X.


The Scots Guards have a long lustrous history of protecting the British crown, playing bagpipes, and wearing tall fuzzy hats. We imagine the whole “guarding the crown” is the important part, but honestly we’re more interested in the hats.And of course it’s not just the hats. They’ve got kilts! Kilts are traditional Scottish Gaelic wear. Usually they have pleats in the back and have a specialty plaid (called tartan) of the family/clan/group their with. Tartans vary in color and patterns (the Scots Guards wear the royal Stewart plaid of red and green). And that pouch on the front? That’s a sporran. Kilt wearers need it because traditional kilts didn’t have pockets. Also, wearing underwear underneath is totally optional!… but we’ll leave that one up to you.Of course kilt wearing has changed a little since the olden days. Now people wear them with proper dress shoes and socks, or if you’re a guardsman, a fancy black jacket and big fuzzy hat. But they still have those kilts! So if you’re feeling the need to be a formally dressed modern Scots Guard, check our our Plus Size Mens Scottish Costume. It comes with the black jacket with silver edging, red polyester kilt with over-the-shoulder sash, faux fur hat, tall white socks, and corded sporran pouch. You’ll be dressed to the nines and ready to protect the crown! Or just enjoy wearing a kilt. Either is good.