Opposuit The Joker Women’s Blazer: Embrace Unique Style!

Bring Arthur Fleck into your fashion style with this Opposuit The Joker Women’s Blazer. Perfect for a sophisticated Halloween costume, as you descend into fashion madness!


Why So Stylish?We’re not joking around—this is a seriously stylish Joker jacket! The well-known comic villain strikes again, this time with a new look for you to enjoy. Honestly, this Joker Women’s Blazer from Opposuit has us considering switching sides. Don’t worry, there’s no need to change your alliance! Whether you love Batman, Harley Quinn, or the Joker himself, this jacket is an important addition to your DC wardrobe. Product DetailsThis 100% polyest jacket is purple with the design in an even deeper purple, creating layers of joker playing cards, card suits, and “HAHAHAs” in various fonts and sizes. The single front button is a light green, as are the cuff buttons, a nod to the Joker’s famous green hair. Pair with the shirt color of your choice and a tie or bow tie in deep green. If you’re looking to go all out, take a look at our green wigs and costume makeup for a more authentic look. The creepy thing about this blazer, though, is that it doesn’t need to be all out. It can be worn casually, with no added accessories, and then it’s a game to see who notices the villain you are repping!Lamborghini Not IncludedWhether it was a fancy purple car or a simple No. 2 pencil, the Joker certainly knew how to leave an impression. Slip this on when you want to feel just a little bit…crazy. Life is a comedy, isn’t it? So enjoy wearing this Joker-inspired suit to Halloween, or to the office, or the local coffeeshop. Just for fun. But be on the lookout for a certain Bruce Wayne, as he might not enjoy your blazer as much as you! (We’re kidding; even he would like this classy jacket!)