Infant Wonder Woman Costume Romper: Empower Your Baby

Your little one can save the planet with her cuteness in this Wonder Woman onesie! This is a comfy and affordable superhero costume for infants.


Great Hera!Everyone wants their kid to grow and be important. Some parents think their kids should be doctors. Or lawyers. Or actresses. Or athletes. Or Princess Leia. Some parents want their kids to become president, the first woman president even. But, your gorgeous sweetie-pie is going to be superhero, isn’t she?Not just any lame superhero, like Aqualad—Aquaman’s sidekick, and a Brady Bunch reject. No she is going to have the power of Diana Prince. She will be a strong hunter. A superb fighter, that will eventually be asked to join the Justice League. And with her advanced technology she can kick anyone’s butt. Her tech was forged by Gods for goodness sake.So let the other parents have little doctors, and lawyers. Dress your girl up in this infant Wonder Woman Romper, and let her save the world. She won’t be the kind of girl who needs a guy to save her. Or someone else to fight her battles. She will be able to hold her own with the boys, whether it be in sports or fighting. She may shout some odd things like: “Merciful Minerva”, but she will be the best superhero you have ever seen. Someone else can be the first woman president (politicians never get anything done anyway), because you will have Wonder Woman.