Headband Cactus

Ever wonder how it would feel to be a cactus? Living off little water and soaking in the Arizona heat. Well dress up as a cactus this Halloween and add this Cactus Headband and you could find out.

Items Included
  • Headband
  • 100% polyester felt
  • 2 felt cacti w/ blossoms are attached to narrow metal headband
  • Headband has soft plastic tips for comfort


A Prickly PredicamentPicture this. You find yourself stuck in the middle of the desert without food, water, or friends. What do you do? Tough question, isn’t it? Well, here’s what we’d do! First, you need to make friends with the locals. The desert is filled mostly with lizards, bugs, and snakes, so you’re going to want to wear something that will make them feel at ease. If you can make them feel at ease with your presence, you should be able to strike up a casual conversation with a scorpion, who will definitely help you find water and shelter from the sun!That’s why we recommend keeping this Cactus Headband handy at all times! Any time you randomly get lost in the desert, you can just pop this headband on and the desert critters are sure to warm up to you!Product DetailsThis simple headband comes with two small cactus-shaped ornaments on the top. Each one has a little flower on the side. Just place it on your head and you’ll look right at home in the desert, ready to mingle with the local creatures… but maybe it’s better if you don’t follow our desert advice about trying to befriend scorpions in the wild and just use this as a cute hat to add to your costume instead!