Giant Pickle Costume

Items Included
  • Hooded Tunic
  • 100% polyester
  • Tunic has back zipper
  • Top of hood has inner cushion for shape and positioning
  • Bottom end of pickle can be stuffed w/ tissue or fiberfill if desired
  • Exclusive


in a pickle

It’s a pretty common phrase. We took it kind of literally when crafting this Adult Pickle Costume… but it turns out that the phrase doesn’t mean that you should dress up like a pickle! We dug into the meaning of the phrase and apparently, it’s an old Dutch phrase. You see, when they used to make pickled vegetables, they used to stew up the cucumbers a bit before pickling them. Those veggies would get all jumbled up while they were stewing and they starting using the phrase “in a pickle” to describe any situation that could get you all jumbled up like vegetables being stewed for pickling!

Well… we still like the literal meaning of that phrase! And if you’re itching to be “in a pickle” this year, then this Adult Pickle Costume will be perfect for you.

design & details

Our costume designers wanted to make sure you’re feeling good while you’re in a pickle! That’s why they took great care creating this Pickle Costume for adults. The costume is a simple, one-piece tunic that can be worn over your regular clothes. The costume has plenty of great pickle details on the exterior, including printed “bumps” and lines, to make it look like a cucumber. It features an opening in the top for your face, along with generous openings in the sides for your arms and an open bottom for your legs. You can almost taste it just by wearing it!

pickles aplenty

Whether you’re a word buff and you want to flex your new knowledge about being “in a pickle” or if you just want to cosplay as some kind of weird scientist who’s turned himself into a pickle, then this costume is for you! With plenty of detail and a simple design, it’s a great choice for any pickle fan!