Dragon Ball Z Plus Size Goku Costume

The Dragon Ball Z Plus Size Goku Costume is officially licensed. Wear this plus size cosplay costume for Halloween or to a con, it’s sure to be a hit!


A Wardrobe Worth Wishing For!The characters of Dragon Ball Z undergo a ton of different routes to get their tremendous power, you know? There’s a few that we’re already highly aware of (and just a bit jealous to try, as well). First, there is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This nifty little extra-dimensional space offers up a whole realm where time travels differently and definitely encourages effective exercise regiments. Not only can someone train for a year in just a week or so but it’s quality time, too! But, that’s not the only means. You think the garb that they’re wearing is just for looks and martial mobility!? Heck, no! They’ve got mighty weights sewn into their gorgeous gi so every single movement is marvelously manipulating their muscles to ensure they are are in tip-top fighting form. It’s pretty much the martial artist version of swapping from your left sword-arm to your right arm, then winking while saying that you were fighting with a handicap the whole time! Design & DetailsIt is time to show off the fruits of your martial training when you climb into this Goku costume. This is an officially licensed plus size cosplay costume that is part of our Made by Us line. That means that this orange jumpsuit was designed by our in-house team to feel comfortable and also look like it leaped out of the anime and manga! Goku’s iconic patch is present on the chest and back. A blue undershirt is part of the jumpsuit to give you Goku’s signature style while a matching sash and boot cover has you ready for action. Top everything off with a spiky wig or upgrade to a gleaming Super Sayian look!No Weights RequiredYou won’t need to do any unusual training routines to show how amazing you are when you have this Goku costume. All will already recognize this stunning hero. Of course, you could add weights to the legs if you really want to go authentic, but we recommend you take it easy on yourself!