Deluxe Catwoman Mask: Channel the Allure of the Feline

Begin your life of crime this Halloween with this deluxe Catwoman mask. The officially licensed accessory comes right out of the Dark Knight Rises movie!


Gotham offers us a world of stark black and white, though that is where the clear cut lines end. Good and evil, sane and insane? Now, those are concepts that get quite a bit more blurry. In fact, all our heroes and villains of Gotham have a tendency to cross over the lines on more than one occasion, a special rarity that exists pretty exclusively in the realm of Gotham. Superman is the Boy Scout and even Batman won’t kill in his efforts to solve crime and keep the crazed lunatics of Gotham spending the rest of their lives in Arkham… but where is the nuance? How about the characters who always keep you questioning?Enter Selina Kyle, one of the most enigmatic of Gotham’s residents. Is she a villain? A hero? Good? Bad? Hey, why make a gal choose? Well, you can keep them guessing all night long and we’ll help make the guessing game even more entertaining with this officially licensed Deluxe Catwoman Mask. This molded latex eyemask works to keep your identity hidden as well as your real alignment between the forces of good and evil. The tinted goggles protect you from all sorts of Gotham menaces, too, while the headpiece ensures that your cat burglaring are especially catty. Keep everyone including the Caped Crusader guessing.