DC Women’s Wonder Woman Cape Dress Costume: Transform with Style

Wear this DC Women’s Wonder Woman Cape Dress to look like a superhero on any day you like.


She is back! Diana Prince is back in the new DC Justice League franchise. She finally has her very own movie, and you think it is about darn time. Holy Hera did she have to wait forever. Honestly we are just thrilled that she is back at all!We love Wonder Woman’s new outfit, we do, but Amazonian armor laced with ancient mystical Greek metals might not be the greatest outfit to party in. Sure, it’s flashy. It has bright reds and splashes of gold in it, but try wearing that on the dance floor and you might be singing a different tune when it comes to partying as the DC superhero. Of course, we never give up on a good look, which is why we scoured the Earth and even headed to Themyscira to find the perfect look that’s both party-ready and full of Amazonian style!Okay, so maybe we were never able to book a plane ticket to Themyscira, but we did manage to find this Wonder Woman Cape Dress! It’s a long-sleeve dress made of a spandex blend, so it fits like a glove. There are no nasty metal armor pieces to get in the way of your kill dance moves and there’s even a star-spangled cape designed into the sleeves of the dress, providing that superhero look in one simple piece of apparel! Now, you can party, fight crime and look stylish while doing it.