Child Red Superhero Gloves: Boost Your Hero’s Costume

Theses Child Red Superhero Gloves will look great with any superhero costume! Your kid may even beg you to fight some super villains after he puts them on.


Finally! Your kid’s hands can now look ready for a rumble with the world’s baddest super villains! You’ve been waiting for this day to come…your neighborhood could use a vigilante of the highest order. These Child Red Superhero Gloves give your kiddo’s hands the full comic book treatment, which is a lot easier than your having to draw them frame-by-frame. What a pain! With the bright red color and classic superhero look, these gloves allow your kid to slip right in and fight all the forces of evil by hand! Add them to any classic costume and watch as trick-or-treating becomes a lot more fun. Of course, your little one can also just play superhero around the house if they’re not quite ready to take on the real bad guys yet!