Racing is in Their BloodYour little one has always loved racing, right? Sometimes it’s racing against their siblings to get the biggest piece or best spot. Other times it’s racing away from you in an effort to skip bedtime. Whether they win or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they love the race itself.Well, now this Halloween they can dress up as one of the most celebrated types of racers. Move over automobiles, we’re talking about horseracing! Dress your toddler up in our exclusive Jockey Costume. With speedy duds like these on, your little one will enjoy trick-or-treating more than ever before. Just be sure to remind him that it’s more so about collecting as much candy as possible rather than going around the block the fastest.Details & DesignYour kiddo will start to look like a professional equestrian once he tosses on the blue and white checker pattern shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are not checkered but instead just a half and half pattern. There’s a racer band on the right arm with the number 10.The bright pair of plain white pants go perfectly with the vibrant and cheery shirt. Finally, you can top off your toddler’s new look with the black rider’s hat and a set of goggles. Be sure to take a look through all of the accessories we have available. You can set up your junior jockey with their very own riding crop as well as a stylish set of boot covers.And They’re OffGet ready. Set. Trick-or-treat! Your little one will love racing around the neighborhood and gathering up the best treats from every house. After all, they do say that the early bird gets the worm, right? So we figure if your wacky racer can make it there before the early bird, there’s bound to be something better than a worm waiting there… maybe a king-size candy bar!