Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Caution Tape Tech Wallet

If you like to show off your love of DC comics characters in the least expected way, then this Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Caution Tape Tech Wallet is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


What Does Caution Mean to Harley? When anyone else walks down the street and sees a line of Caution Tape, they probably stop. They look a the vivid neon yellow and look around the area. “Was there an accident?” they might wonder. “Is this a crime scene?” Either way, they’re going to go a bit slower, either to avoid trouble… or at least see what the trouble was. But, not Harley Quinn. First, she’s probably caused it. But, beyond that, Harley sees “Caution” as a chance for high fashion and accessorizing.Product DetailsPerhaps you’re not quite ready for an entire ensemble that features strips of police tape. Keep your crazy a little more low-key with this officially licensed Caution Tape Tech Wallet inspired by Birds of Prey. It has several slots for your identification and credit cards as well as a zip-up pocket in the back. You can slip your hand through the clip-on ‘Caution’ loop to keep things secure or just show off your Harley Quinn style with the ‘Bruce’ dog tag in the front! Thieves BewareWhether you’re in Gotham City or just enjoying your day in your own community, feel secure that you’re toting your credit cards and currency in a safe and super geeky way. This Birds of Prey Caution Tape Wallet provides convenience and the warnings of our favorite anti-hero to keep away from your stuff!