Adults Aquaman Beard and Wig Set: Embody Aquatic Royalty

Complete your Aquaman Costume with this Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set! Show just how edgy Aquaman can be!


Don’t Call Him MermanThat’s right, it’s Mr. Merman to you. Tell you what, the people of Atlantis have had it. They just don’t get enough respect. What? They’re from under the sea so they’re not toughies? Do you see them talking to seagulls and combing their hair with forks? No, they let their hair settle into a salty dreads cause they’re bad like that. Us land-lubbers think we’re so burly on land but how many encounters on a weekly basis do we have with Great White Sharks? Those smooth babies are sporting whopping three-hundred teeth. How many teeth do bears have? Aww, just forty-two. Pretty lame if you ask us. Product DetailsNo one will disrespect your aquatic heritage when you show up in this licensed rugged wig set. You’ll look right at home on the cold beaches of Norway in the thick honey-colored wig and highlighted go-tee. The beard simply straps around the ears while the mustache sticks to your upper lip making talking, eating, and drinking an easier procedure than your standard fake beard setup. Deep Sea ClassicA Merman, a dolphin, and an octopus walk into a Dive Bar… oh we’re still talking Aquaman? Yeah, he’s a classic for sure. We just thought this wig set was such a shoe-in that you’d already be sold. Anyway, check out our Aquaman and Mera costumes to make your Halloween look one for the books. If you leave a review we might even tell you the rest of that joke.