Adult Plus Size Funky Monkey Costume

Get to business, well, monkey business that is! This Adult Plus Size Funky Monkey Costume is an exclusive costume! Available in 2X.


IT’S BANANAS!It’s time to enter the business, monkey business that is. Since we love practical jokes and silly shenanigans, it’s always interested us. We feel passionate about pulling harmless pranks on folks to make them laugh so we decided to make a career out of it. We’re driven, dead set on entering the world of monkey business. The only problem? We aren’t primates which is a big qualification to get into the biz, but that harsh reality didn’t stop us. Instead, we brainstormed ways for people to accept us as monkeys and since we’re already working as costume connoisseurs, an amazing idea popped into our noggins: let’s make the best monkey costume the world has ever seen. Hence, the lovely adult plus size funky monkey costume you’re currently gazing at. Once wearing it, jumping on beds and eating an unfathomable amount of bananas is totally acceptable. It made all of our prank-pulling dreams come true and a quick trip to the local zoo proved monkeys gladly accept us at their own. Or maybe they were trying to eat our giant banana—it’s hard to say. If you want to make people chuckle while pigging out on bananas, look no further than this costume! DESIGN & DETAILS The Made By Us ensemble gives you all the same characteristics as a real-life monkey. The plus size funky monkey costume is comprised of a soft bodysuit with an attached hood and flexible tail in back. Also in the back, a full-length, fully-functioning zipper to zip you into the costume. At the end of the sleeves and pant legs, a pair of gloves and shoe covers to achieve the full-primate look. Practice saying, “Oooh-Eee-Oooh-Ah-Ah” and you’re ready for monkey-life!MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DOForm a monkey mafia with your trickster friends. We have all varieties of monkey costumes, perfect for both men and women, just make sure you stock up on bananas before inviting them over!  convenience