Adult Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume

Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs and get this Adult Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume. Be the thunder lizard and enjoy all the vegetables you can find but don’t forget to chase a few people too!


Dreams Do Come TrueCan you remember it? It was a simpler time. You were playing with your toy dinosaurs on the living room floor. Those majestic creatures meandered across the magnificent landscape of your home. They traverse the mountainous peaks of the couch. They brazenly trekked across the living room carpet. Perhaps they even stopped to marvel at the family television. After that, they would engage in a battle royale to determine supremacy amongst all of dinosaur-kind! Then your mind would wander to the unthinkable… what if you were a dinosaur yourself?Sure, you knew it was kind of crazy. How could a kid turn into a dinosaur? But still, you yearned to know what it would be like to stomp through the primitive jungles as a towering brontosaurus. You longed to feel the warm Jurassic sun on your reptilian skin! Well, friend, we’re here to tell you that you’re not crazy. We too, dreamed of becoming a dinosaur. This inflatable Brontosaurus costume brings you one step closer to realizing that dream.Product DetailsSay hello to a dream come true! This brontosaurus costume comes with everything you need to transform into the dinosaur of your dreams. It comes with a grey jumpsuit that’s shaped like the body of a brontosaurus. Your head fits through a hole in the neck and your legs fit through the front legs like a pair of pants. There are also openings for your arms on the sides. Just turn on the included fan and motor to inflate the costume to its full gargantuan glory!Stomp the YardWhen you wear this costume, you’ll finally be able to romp with your childhood dinosaur toys as their equal. You can stomp through your living room as the dinosaur that you’ve always known yourself to be and finally live the dream!