12 pc Cemetery Kit

Want to have the spookiest house on the block this Halloween season? Get this 12 pc Cemetery Kit to get your outdoor decor even closer to that goal!

Items Included

  • 12 Piece Kit


  • 3 Foam tombstones
  • Plastic skulls, skeletons, feet and hands
  • Bag of spider webbing
  • Barbed wire measures over 9 feet long
  • Indoor/outdoor use


Grave GanderingsIs your humble yard looking a little too normal? Well, Halloween is fast approaching, so you’d better have a plan of action for spookifying your home! So, why not turn your yard into a graveyard? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, put that shovel down there! We didn’t mean to LITERALLY turn your yard into a graveyard. All you need is the right cemetery style decor and you can have your front yard looking like the scene of a creepy horror movie… and you don’t even need to dig up your yard!Product DetailsThis Cemetery Kit comes with everything you need to turn your home into one creepy lair of terror! The kit comes with 3 tombstones made out of foam materials. They have different designs, including a Grim Reaper theme and a skull and crossbones theme. The kit also comes with 3 molded skulls, a pair of skeleton feet, skeleton hands, and some spider webs. The kit also comes with 9 feet of faux barbed wire to help add an aura of danger to your home! The kit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can place each piece anywhere you like in your home!