Wonder Woman Sequin Corset: Shine as a Heroic Star

This Wonder Woman Sequin Corset is perfect for any Wonder Woman fan!


When you are taking a nice break from the Island of Themyscira and no unimaginable monsters, super villains, or angsty gods are coming to tackle the Earth, what is a Warrior Princess Goddess to do? There are only so many times a year that you get an opportunity to just kick back and relax. You could dress in day clothes and go to a movie or even just kick back for a night by the coast. But, sometimes, it might be nice to simply bask in a little bit of recollection from a few of your fans by stopping by a party.Of course, you don’t want to wear your full blown armor for such an event. Not only are you still getting it repaired by the Master Alchemist after the last major conflict, but… it is actual armor. Hardly party-going attire. That’s where we can help you with this Wonder Woman Sequin Corset. Officially licensed, this corset is of constructed foam with rib cage support and offers a bit of glitz to your conventional look. Join this with your existing outfit, flashy wig, and tiara, and you’ll have an excellent time in a slightly more fashionable way!