Women’s Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume

This Women’s Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume is the cure to blandness! It’s a cute look that’s welcome in any recovery plan. Available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.


Nurse Gwen did everything right…listened to her parents, got good grades in school, followed all the rules. She even went on to nursing school, where she learned to be patient, tender, and kind to all who entered the hallways of the local city hospital. But soon, she was faced with a choice: Trade in her white cap for a safe-and-sure marriage to the good Dr. Jack…or throw herself, body and soul, into her profession by becoming the night nurse for the mysterious man-about-town and notorious crime boss, Sonny Cacciatore!Sonny had been hit with a blaze of bullets when he and an enemy crime family had crossed paths, but the how and when wasn’t any of Nurse Gwen’s concern. All she wanted was to nurse him back to health…but what she didn’t count on was finding a new bypass to love! She was lovely and warm, which was just what Sonny needed, and soon he couldn’t get enough of her bedside manner. Before either of them knew what was happening, they realized that her treatments were going far beyond her duties…and the bounds of all professional decency!But Nurse Gwen doesn’t care…after all, it was Sonny who found the cure to her Lonely Heart Condition, and there’s no way she’s going back! Now they’ve both got a fever…and the only cure is Women’s Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume! One look at this coat-styled dress, fabric cap, and toy stethoscope, and any patient will be breathless for some expert medical attention! Add some white fish-net stockings and red patent leather heels, and like Nurse Gwen, you’ll be able to woo an entire ward into cardiac arrest!