Women’s Plus Size Play Time Bunny Costume

You’ll have everyone falling for you in this Women’s Plus Size Play Time Bunny Costume. Just don’t let them stare at your tail for too long.


A Different Sort of Lounge WearWhile there are plenty of good restaurants and bars out there these days, the formal lounge has gone the way of disco and sock hops. There are a few true lounges out there but they are few and far between. Often, they are only around to give people a taste of what it might have been like to be a swanky business person in the 1950s. You can picture the place we’re talking about, right? The lights are low. The private booths are leather with etched glass booth partitions. VIP areas are sectioned off with real velvet ropes and brass bars. Tinkling piano music and cigar smoke permeate the room. And the hosts? Well, the hosts make a simple swanky bar into a true experience!One lounge club, in particular, made themselves legendary with the most iconic hostess costumes in history: the bunny suit! Want to become a symbol of retro lounge elegance? This costume is the perfect costume for a timeless yet unforgettable look!Product DetailsThis lovely costume has instantly recognizable appeal. It features a one-piece look with a satin lined vest with tuxedo tails and a bunny tail. A bright white shirt has a tuxedo type-style. A sweetheart neckline is trimmed in ruffles and a black bow in the middle. Sparkly ears top off this gorgeous look for a costume that’ll make your ensemble perfectly picturesque.Best in Black and WhiteWe don’t doubt that you’ll feel timeless when you’re rocking this look. Throw a black and white filter on your Instagram photos and you’ll want to rock this look at any opportunity! Head out solo or with a velvet robe wearing Casanova. While this costume is great for Halloween, you might even be inspired to host your very own 60s style lounge party. No matter where you end up, you’ll instantly be recognizable when you’re rocking this look!