Women’s Deviant Darling Costume: Embody Allure of Darkness

What type of trouble will you brew up in the Women’s Deviant Darling Costume?


Deviant DigsWhen it comes to Halloween night, everyone wants something a little different. Do you want to go with the sweetest of the sweet with classic jack-o-lanterns or scarecrows? Do you like ultra-scary with blood and screams, and lots of spooky terror? What about those of us who just want a little bit of deviousness to come out one day a year. For those that like to grin from ear to ear with a little bit devil-may-care attitude, we may just have the costume for you. This deviant darling costume for women is ready to solve what kind of style you’re going with this season.Product DetailsWith the iconic colors and designs of a court jester, this deviant darling costume is sure to stand out among the rest. The sleek bodysuit has a zipper in the back for easy on and off, a choker -style neckpiece gives it an extra devilish flourish. The garter straps easily connect to the bodysuit as well. The included arm cuffs have a strap that goes around your finger. The belt wraps around the waist through the loops on the bodysuit. To top it all off, the headpiece secures with a headband and looks just like a court jester, but smaller for more wearability. And let’s be real, smaller just looks better when it comes to jester hats.Devilish GrinNo matter how you plan to spend your Halloween season, we have a costume that will let you dress stylishly, confidently, and may just inspire a few duplicitous plots to carry out. Be sure to find some equally devious accessories to add on, like a wacky oversized hammer, or some makeup to give yourself the true jester look. Happy smiling!