The Black Lightning Kids Deluxe Costume: Lightning Strikes Style

Save the day in a flash with the Black Lightning Kids Deluxe Costume. Protect your family and neighborhood from evil with some shocking justice.


The Superpower LotteryThere are a LOT of superpowers out there. The Flash has super speed. The Green Arrow has amazing abilities with a bow and arrow. Batman has a superpowered bank account. Wonder Woman has super strength. But if you ask us, Black Lightning won the lottery when it comes to superpowers. The guy can shoot lightning bolts out of his hands. Superstrength and the Speed Force seem kind of boring compared to that!If your child wants to be the superhero with the best superpowers, then it’s time to transform him into Black Lightning costume, which is officially licensed from the CW television series. It comes with everything your child needs (aside from the superpowers themself) to become him!Product DetailsThis costume starts with a full-body jumpsuit that’s designed to look like Jefferson Pierce’s outfit from the series. The jumpsuit fits with a hook and loop fastener in the back. The suit has printed details, like electric blue streaks and a pair of yellow lightning bolts in the front. The padded gauntlets add to the heroic look and the pant legs even end in boot covers, which can be worn over most pairs of shoes. That means your child can wear their most comfortable pair of shoes while they’re playing the role of superhero. Finally, to top the whole look off, this costume comes with a pair of goggles. The goggles have transparent lenses and they fit with an elastic band. Once your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to take on the bad guys in your neighborhood!A Shocking StyleIf your child knows who has the best superpowers, then they’re definitely going to want to dress up in this Black Lightning costume for kids. His shocking new look is sure to scare the bad guys away!