The Big Lebowski Medina Sod Plus Size Bowling Shirt Costume

This plus size Medina Sod Bowling Shirt from The Big Lebowski is a licensed costume from the cult classic. Available in 2X and 3X.


Button up this plus size The Dude bowling shirt, grab your ball, and head on down to your local lanes. The name “Art” is embroidered above the breast pocket which also features pins and a bowling ball. The words “Medina Sod” are printed on the back. The brown letters create a stark contrast on top of the canary yellow fabric of the shirt, which is designed to look like the button-up that The Dude wears in The Big Lebowski. Put on some CCR, pin back your flowing locks of hair, roll the ball down the lane, and let all your problems just melt away!The Big Lebowski is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved. A Note to Parents: The Big Lebowski is rated R. Consult for further information.