Superman Plus Size Costume: Channel Your Inner Hero

This Superman plus size costume is our classic adult Superman costume in a plus size. This American superhero costume is from the Superman movie.


Even with all his superhuman abilities, Clark Kent understood that nothing quite says “truth, justice, and the American way” like a sweet set of red and blue duds. A flowing cape. And a striking chest symbol that everyone recognizes right away. Because a man is only as super as he looks. But it took Clark digging up a glowing crystal under his dad’s barn… and making a journey all the way to the Arctic… before he truly understood that. Luckily, you don’t have to work quite so hard. Because you’ve just discovered the secret of super-heroism right here… with our Superman Plus Size Costume!This super-suit will make you the very personification of strength, power, and superhuman morals. Oh, and really cool abilities. Like laser-sight that you can instantly light cigars with… enough strength to move your friend’s car three blocks away just for the fun of it… and, of course, x-ray vision. But we know you’re only interested in using your powers for good. Like saving Lois Lane and thwarting the evil plans of Lex Luthor. It’s why you want to be Superman… and why everyone in Metropolis will believe you’re him.So suit up in this Superman Plus Size Costume, and all you’ll need is a phone booth to change in. Because your transformation into the Man of Steel will practically be instantaneous. It’s easy to get into and easy to wear, and everything you need is right here: the pants, the cape, boot coverings, and a muscle shirt that’ll give you the rippling abs and pecks of a Greek god… or just your average Kryptonian!