Stranger Things Steve Wig

Complete your Steve costume from the show Stranger Things with this 80’s Steve Wig.


Fan FavoriteIt’s a good moment to be Steve Harrington right now. Back in Season 1, not so much; you started out as a bit of a jerky jock, but now that Season 2 has redeemed you, the world loves you!Look, we’re not going to lie to you and tell you that by wearing this Stranger Things Steve Costume Wig, you will be immediately as cool or lovable as new Steve; his qualities—a willingness to change, incredible charm, selfless bravery, a protective spirit, and that hair—are hard to come by in one person. But we can promise that this wig gets you a whole heck of a lot closer to transforming into your Stranger Things idol, aka dad Steve. When it comes to becoming Steve (at least on the outside), you really only need two things: the nail-studded baseball bat, and the hair. Lucky for you, we have both!Product DetailsIn case you don’t have any Farah Fawcett spray (sorry, Steve, your secret got out) on hand, this perfectly coiffed mullet-inspired wig will get you that ideal Harrington style in no time. The best part is that even if you get a plate smashed over your head while wearing it, you won’t mess up your ‘do!Babysitter’s ClubJust know that while wearing this wig, there’s a high chance that parents may approach you to start looking after their kids. You said it yourself that though you were a less than ideal boyfriend, you turned out to be a pretty darn good babysitter! Take a few of those offers and make a little extra pocket change. Just, make sure to bring the bat if you’re watching kids in Hawkins!