Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse Kids Miles Morales Costume

Meet up with your fellow Spider friends with the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Kids Miles Morales Costume. Just make sure to keep an eye out for Kingpin.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Tyke Remember that time that your kiddo announced that there was a super cool spider in the bathroom? Naturally, you probably told the tyke to leave the spider alone. Maybe you rushed in with a rolled-up newspaper to get rid of the nasty little bathroom invader. Sure, they are part of the ecosystem. Of course, they take care of insects that are buzzing around your house. But, also, how comfortable can anyone be when a critter with eight eyes is staring at you!? Anyway, turns out that spider had a few unexpected powers on its belt. As if it wasn’t enough that they can spin ropes out of its butt, climb up walls… and apparently the have additional ability to survive no less than thirteen thwacks from that rolled-up newspaper. Turns out that they can also turn your kiddo into an amazing new member of Spiderverse! Now, we’re not sure that your kiddo will be climbing up walls or slinging webs soon or not, but fun is definitely coming!Product DetailsMake sure your Spider-Kid is suited up for all the adventure that is bound to start coming when you give them this Miles Moralis Spider-Man costume. It is an officially licensed jumpsuit from Into the Spider-Verse that is printed to look just like his black and red superhero costume. The hood has mesh over the eyes and foot covers are attached to the jumpsuit. All your tyke will need are a few key quotes and maybe a jump rope for that simulated web-slinging! The Spiderverse AwaitsWho knew that a little love for a spider would open up a whole new world of superhero fun? It’s time for your kiddo to join the ranks of Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and even Peter Porker. Help your tyke get to web-swinging and world-saving with this costume!