Spiderman Far From Home T-Shirt Costume for Kids: Adorable Hero

The Spider-Man Far From Home T-Shirt Costume is a quick and simple way to transform into the superhero you were meant to be!


Do You Want to Wear it?They said anyone could wear the suit, but does everyone want to wear Spider-Man’s suit? Sure, there would be some advantages, and Peter Parker crafted an impressive new suit in Far From Home with Stark technology. So, we can’t deny it would be fun to play around with the advanced design. Swinging through a city on webs and climbing walls could be incredibly helpful sometimes. Covering our face with a mask would be useful on bad-hair days or if we get accused of something awful like poor Peter. But stretching into a skintight suit… We’re not sure that would work for everyone.Product DetailsWhat would be cool is a t-shirt, like this Far From Home T-Shirt Costume. This Spidey shirt is made from 100% cotton to keep you comfortable on any superhero mission. It’s easier to put on than Peter’s suit (even though his suit comes with size-adjusting tech). With a screen-printed design, you’ll never need to worry about touching up the paint or buffing out dents either. Just throw this t-shirt in the wash to get it looking fresh again!Powers Not IncludedAnyone can be Spider-Man when they wear the suit, but everyone can be Spider-Man with a Spider-Man t-shirt. This t-shirt may not grant you Spidey-Senses or the ability to climb up walls, but you’ll look as cool as Peter Parker in this T-Shirt Costume inspired by his custom suit in Far From Home.