Skeleton Décor Howl At The Moon

The full moon rises and the beasts of the night come out to play. This Howl At The Moon Skeleton Décor will bring a little werewolf flavor to your next party.


Halloween InstinctsSome urges just can’t be fought. When the spooky season rolls around, scary movies and ghost shows are the only thing you’ll watch. Kids can’t resist wearing their Halloween costumes for games of tag instead of just trick-or-treating. Pumpkins that should decorate front steps for weeks turn into wrinkled jack-o-lanterns well before Halloween night. And every dog in the neighborhood seems to think they must sing their eerie, howling tune, as the moon casts creeping shadows across every lawn. Except at your house.Product DetailsLuckily, we know a little guy that is looking for a safe place to stay so he can join in on the canine chorus too. You see, even as a skeleton he can’t resist the urge to howl at that inconstant moon. Welcome the spirited pup home when you add this Howl at the Moon Skeleton Décor to your collection. The sturdy plastic skele-dog is poised and ready to treat your household to some musical howling without the need for kibble or training. So, instead of deciding whether it’s time to adopt yet, get extra involved in Halloween’s eerie vibes with this lively (and low maintenance) critter!Here! Stay!Whether you’re setting up a haunted graveyard display or you just want a spooky guard dog to watch your front walk, this Howl at the Moon Skeleton Décor is a must-have! It’ll add some creepy-cute life to your decorations and create a howling good time for any passersby this season and for years to come.