Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Wig

Wearing this Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Wig will make you feel like the head cheerleader of Bayside. Who knows, maybe you will find your Zack Morris while wearing it!


SUCH A BUSY TEEN!It’s time for the bell to ring and all of those activites to get going. Let’s see: you’ve got your role as the head cheerleader; you’re captain of the swim, softball, and the volleyball team; most popular gal in school, so you know you’ll be called up for Prom Queen and probably have to kick Spano down for class president, eventually, too.  That’s all without even mentioning the constant pursuits of Zack Morris and A.C. Slater (plus everyone else who is interested).  Good thing you’ve got time for everything, right? DESIGN & DETAILSThink again! Fortunately, we can help shave off a little time by helping you out with this officially licensed Kelly Kapowski wig from Saved By the Bell. This wig has a comfortable fit and features long, wavy, dark hair. It’s perfect for your retro TV look but also fitting for all sorts of other keen and primped looks, all without requiring a minute of styling! THE REAL CROWNYou might be looking for that Prom Queen Crown but the first step is making sure you’ve got the right hairdo! Start off with this Kelly Kapowski look and you can be sure the crown will be following!