Santa Hat Long

Wear this Long Santa Hat on its own or to complete a Santa costume. This velvety red hat features white faux fur and puff ball.


Dreaming of…Can you remember the last time visions of sugar plums danced in your head? For most, it’s been a while. The hustle and bustle of our day to day routine lulls us to dreamless sleep most nights. Even when the holidays roll around, there’s so much to think about that silly dreams are hard to drift into. But it doesn’t have to be that way.We found out that Santa has a magic hat that allows him to dream a happy dream every night! He’s a man of many hats, literally (you should see his collection), and his bedtime cap is one of his favorites. His elves charmed it to grant restful sleep full of good dreams so the big guy would always be rested for the next day. It works so well that we asked if we could share it with anyone in need of playful dreams.Product DetailsSo, here it is: Santa’s bedtime hat! This Long Santa Hat will put you in the Christmas spirit every time you wear it. The simple design features a short-pile faux fur body with long-pile faux fur pompom and band. You’ll feel extra comfortable in the super-soft hat as you drift to sleep and dream of dancing sweets and falling snow.…Happy Holidays!Whether you want to dream of white Christmases more often or put a unique spin on your Santa costume, this Long Santa Hat has you covered. You’ll look festive and feel ready for the jolliest time of year!