Premium Marvel Deadpool Plus Size Men’s Costume: Mercenary Attire

This exclusive Premium Marvel Deadpool Plus Size Men’s Costume is the perfect costume to prank all of your friends and get away with it… your just in character! Available in 2X.


Heckuva Resume!Not everyone has what it takes to be Deadpool. Actually, Wade Wilson is probably the only person who has what it takes to be Deadpool. Why? Because he has the healing powers of Wolverine. He has more martial arts moves than a ninja. He’s a master of just about every weapon there is on the planet. He’s the only person in the Marvel comic book universe that actually knows he’s a comic book character. His best friend, Cable, is a telepathic cyborg. He also wears a pretty rockin’ superhero suit. Unfortunately, most people just don’t have a resume like that in real life…The good news is, even if you don’t have superpowers and even if you’re not so great with katana, you can still look like the Merc with a Mouth! You just need this officially licensed costume from Marvel.Product DetailsThis plus size Deadpool costume is a premium outfit based on the iconic mutant from the X-Force and X-Men comic books. It comes with a bright red jumpsuit that has black accents along the sides and legs. It also has a belt with the Deadpool symbol on it. It also comes with boot tops that can be worn with any pair of boots to help give you a mercenary look from head to toe. It also comes with a classic red and black mask, but that’s not even the coup de grace of this costume. A second mask, which has Wade’s scarred face printed on the exterior, is also included to really make you feel like the Marvel hero.Weaponize Your Look!When you’re all dressed up in this Deadpool costume, you’re going to feel just like the Merc with a Mouth. Just make sure that you pick up a few sword weapons and a few toy guns to get a realistic look this year!