Praying Mantis Kid’s Costume

Make your kiddo happy by dressing them up as their favorite insect, praying mantis with this Kid’s Praying Mantis Costume.


Bug Eat Bug WorldIt’s hard being a Praying Mantis. All the other bugs at school make fun of you for not having a dad, even though it’s completely normal in your species for the mom to rip off and eat the dad’s head. Sure, it’s a brutal and unnecessary custom, but does that make it so wrong?We mean, mosquitoes literally suck blood from any creature they can. Eww. Spiders spend all night working and working on their webs instead of hanging out with their families. Workaholics much?  Don’t even get us started on dung beetles!Be proud of your heritage, young bug. Go off into the world free from judgment or prejudice. Feel free to be the best bug that you can be!Product DetailsEver been told that you have big ole bug eyes? Not like this Kid’s Praying Mantis Costume! These fiber-filled eyes really pop out of the big bug head and the wire antennae can be set in any configuration for best reception. The headpiece is a helmet that straps under the chin, so if you do indeed have giant bug eyes already, this part of the costume can easily be left at home. The foam boot covers hook securely in the back and fit over whatever sort of bug feet or bug boots you want to wear. The arm guard are not, in fact, great chitinous plates for attack and defense, but rather foam coverings that are held in place by elastic straps and allow free use of you hands. The foam pullover tunic comes complete with fiber filled front legs dangling freely from the body, just like real Praying Mantises. The stretchy green jumpsuit underneath is the best part, with a zipper down the back. Nothing says authentic like hidden zippers!Predator or Prey?Whether you’re praying or preying, this costume will no doubt get you in the right headspace. Just think of all the unsuspecting ‘Take One’ candy buckets on porches that will soon be missing two, or even three pieces! Mwahahah! No one suspects the innocent person in the Kid’s Praying Mantis Costume. Mwhahaah!