Plus Size Women’s Push it Pop Star Costume

You will be seasoning all kinds of Halloween parties when you show up in this Women’s Push It Pop Star plus size costume. This 80s hip hop costume features a black unitard and track jacket. Available in 1X and 2X.


Rap for the people by the peopleOhh, baby baby! Remember rap back in the early nineties? The music genre was brand spanking new. The songs were always framed with smooth dialogue and a little bit of light-hearted storyline. The music videos were filled with confident attitudes, plaid, and stone-washed jean jackets. Videos were key, teens would set aside time to catch the newest music video on programmed television. It’s hard to imagine doing that in this convenient time of youtube when any song we can think of is right at our fingertips. At first, rap was only for men who saw themselves as tough guys. Women didn’t really have a public place of the pie. Then, ladies got wise and realized if they stuck together and flaunted their skills, the people would listen. After all, rap isn’t just for men. Rap is for everyone. Fun Details and DesignOur designers were influenced by the top rap girl groups of the nineties when they put together this 80s hip hop ensemble. The unitard is layered under a lightweight jacket that proudly states, “Mix maker”. You’ll look like you’re ready for your MTV debut in the brushed gold-colored chain and the stretchy unitard. What’s a nineties costume without plenty of spandex?Whatta Mighty Good CostumeWhen you’re dressed your Push It superstar costume you’ll push limits and make instant memories. Get together with two of your girls and people will instantly get transported to a time when people worried about getting batteries for their boomboxes and taping the newest music video on TV. And hey, in the meantime go ahead and add some of these songs to your modern day playlist. Cause these hits were hits for a reason. We might have left the mixtapes and battery operated boomboxes in the distant past that doesn’t mean we should leave nineties rap in the past. Seems to us the beats are still pretty fresh!