Plus Size Prospector Costume for Men

With this Plus Size Prospector Costume you can seek your fortune and make your own destiny. Or you can just look like a old-time character who wants to do those things. Available in 2X.


Prospecting may sound like a hard life, but it’s actually the best existence you could ever imagine. First of all, you get to be all by yourself every day. No crabby drones from HR leaning over your shoulder, no having to sign Jenny’s birthday card, no mandatory productivity meetings. It’s just you, your pickaxe, and the buzzards circling around you in the sky. You get unlimited access to heavy explosives, firearms, whiskey, and beef jerky, so you’ll never be bored. And whatever you’re prospecting for, whether it’s oil, gold, or whatever else it is that people prospect for, is going to make you a millionaire if you ever find it.Also, no more long hours stewing in an uncomfortable car just to get to work. When you prospect, at the end of every day you build a campfire, eat beans, pitch a tent, get your seven hours, and when you wake up you’re already right next to the hole you’ve been digging alone for seven months. Doesn’t that just sound like a little slice of heaven?Our Prospector Costume comes with the rugged shirt, hat, and bandana you need to really look like you haven’t seen another soul for years (not counting coyotes). Match this up with a grizzly beard, fake dynamite, and any other number of Western-themed accessories and everyone you meet will feel like they’re the ones who struck gold — just by running into you!