Plus Size Pink Knee Length Crinoline

Add this Plus Size Pink Knee Length Crinoline under a poodle skirt or any other knee length skirt for extra bounce and a pop of color!


Have you ever wandered through an art gallery and wondered how all of the ladies in those old paintings kept their dresses so big and billowing? It isn’t that women of centuries past simply had tremendous hips, or that there were constant gusts of wind blowing up from underneath. No, the secret to those super-sized dresses was the crinoline, essentially a ribbed structure worn underneath a skirt or dress to give it extra shape. You don’t see crinolines so often these days, but back in the mid-1800s they were all the rage, and the bigger the better. The largest crinolines measured in at 18 feet around, which seems like quite an inconvenience to anyone else on the dance floor.This particular crinoline is nowhere near that extreme. This is the tamer, 20th Century take on the style, perfect for wearing under a poodle skirt or any other retro dress for extra shape and a splash of cheerful color. The nylon and polyester blend is soft and flexible, with a ruffled, multi-layered design that moves easily across the dance floor. You may not have the biggest dress in the room, but at least you’ll be able to sit down without the assistance of a team of trained professionals.