Plus Size Men’s Mossy Oak Sleeveless Tuxedo Jacket

Do formal events your way with this Plus Size Mossy Oak Sleeveless Tuxedo Jacket for men. The licensed camouflage pattern plus your exposed biceps are going to be a winning combination!


A RANGER’S FORMALWEARWhen deep in the wilderness, there isn’t often much to do in the way of feeling prim and proper. There are very few opportunities for formal affairs. Proms? Not too many with bears always scratching up the territory. Business meetings? Hardly any tuxedos until the penguins start migrating into warmer weather! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up for yourself! In fact, we think you should be able to feel black-tie formal while still holding onto that hunter persona that you’ve worked so many years to craft. We’ve got just the thing for you!DESIGN & DETAILSJoin the wild look of the forest with the proper look of a refined gentleman with this Mossy Oak Sleeveless Tux Jacket. This elegant vest would be accepted at all formal affairs in the civilized world but it has a lovely camouflage style that calls out your inner nature. The sleeveless quality even keeps those guns out for all to see! PERHAPS NOT ALL FORMAL AFFAIRSOkay, perhaps there are still going to be a few restaurants or business meetings that might raise an eyebrow if you show up in a sleeveless and camouflaged tux jacket… but who wants to go to those events, anyway!? Show off your own unique style and bring the wilderness to the city (or visa versa).