Eureka!That word means one of two things. When uttered by a mad scientist, it either means that they’ve discovered the secret compound needed for time travel… or they’ve just created another doomsday device capable of decimating the entire Earth with the press of a button. That’s sort of what you get with mad scientists. They either have the invention of a lifetime that will change humanity for good, or they’re trying to battle superheroes for complete and total world domination. Which kind of mad scientist do you plan on being?Well, whether you want to be the savior of humanity, or a crazed fiend with a death ray, you’re going to need this Plus Size Mad Scientist Costume. This outfit is a Made by Us design, which means it’s a high-quality costume designed by our in-house designers!Design & DetailsSpeaking of design, this costume comes with a jacket that’s constructed out of gabardine fabric. It fits with off-center buttons in the front to help give you that kooky scientist-gone-rogue kind of look! The wig is made out of synthetic fibers and it fits on your head with an interior mesh cap. The goggles fit on your head with an elastic band and they look great whether you wear them over your eyes, or if you have them casually strapped onto your forehead. Finally, the costume comes with a pair of black gloves to help you when you’re working in your laboratory!