Plus Size Holiday Costume Mrs. Claus

Get in the holiday spirit with our Plus Size Mrs. Claus Holiday Costume. Our outfit comes complete with hat, red velvet dress, and apron.


Holly ClausWhat’s Mrs. Claus’s first name? How you ever thought about that? That’s something that we’ve been wondering about for years. (That’s the sort of thing that we spend our spare time thinking about?) No one seems to know it. She’s an integral part of the whole North Pole operation, so we’ve always wanted to know. We know that Santa Claus goes by Nicholas or sometimes by Kris. How come there doesn’t seem to be a record of her name in all of the tales? Well, our curious minds have been able to let it rest, so we often imagine what her first name might be. Our current top guess? It’s Holly!Yes, Holly Claus makes perfect sense. Just think about! It evokes that Christmas spirit and since we decorate the halls with boughs of holly, we think that it’s a pretty fitting name for iconic holiday figure! Now, you can have your chance to be “Holly Claus” when you wear this Plus Size Mrs. Claus Holiday Costume!Design & DetailsThis women’s Christmas costume is a plus size outfit designed to give you a cheerful holiday look. The costume comes with a dark red velvet dress, that has gold detailing around the skirt and sleeves. The white apron has frilled edges and it even has small holly leaf designs on the bottom. To finish out this festive look, the costume comes with a white cap that matches the apron.Becoming Mrs. ClausIf you’re looking for an outfit that embodies the Christmas spirit, then this Mrs. Claus Costume is the perfect outfit for you. With plenty of festive colors and a simple design, we’re sure that people will be calling you “Holly Claus” in no time. The costume also works great as part of a holiday couples costume that will delight the whole family.