Midnight Vampire Costume

Transform into the ultimate night-walker with this Midnight Vampire Costume. This men’s scary vampire costume also comes in plus sizes.


When you’re a creature of the night, you better dress the part. If we’re going to be subjected to blood-curdling howls, bites, and calls for brains, we want to be awed… or at least terrified by whatever’s after us. No plaid shirts, ripped jeans or wind jacket will do. No, there should be a little pomp and circumstance to our destruction, especially if it’s by one of the classic monster races. Don’t blame us for these high expectations. It’s years of showbiz that have trained us to look for very certain characteristics. Werewolves should be hairy. Zombies should be covered in gore. And vampires? Well you guys probably have the hardest rep to live up to. Your monster race has a long history of counts and dukes, which means some pretty fine threads. Anything less? Well, we might not take you seriously.So, for example, if you invited us in for a drink in this Midnight Vampire Costume, we would know exactly what we were in for. It’s got the puffy sleeves, cape, and tall collar. One look at that and we’d think “hey, a vampire,” and we’d know what you represent (a night of fine dining followed by a bite or two). So do us all a favor. If you’re going for the artery, at least look the part.