Men’s Sexy Executioner Plus Size Costume

You’ll be the sexiest executioner in the village when you wear this Sexy Executioner Plus Size Men’s Costume. Available in 2X.


The Silver Lining Here at, we try to look on the bright side of every situation. The glass is always half full around here! Carrying costumes which emphasize our sunny disposition on life is essential to our brand. If you’re currently scratching your head and thinking, uh where’s the positivity in an executioner costume, please allow us to explain. Hypothetically speaking, if we lived during medieval times there’s a slight chance our love for snacks could land us in hot water. Stealing a loaf of bread on a whim (hey, being “hangry” is a serious condition) would get us thrown in jail and eventually, we’d find ourselves on the chopping block. (Literally.) Since we’re eternal optimists making the best of our inevitable demise would come naturally to us. In the last moments of our life, looking at this executioner’s exposed and rippling muscles would bring us much solace. Upon coming to this realization, we knew this sexy executioner costume for plus size men belonged in our warehouse. Product DetailsWhether you can relate to our overly-positive attitude or you’re looking for a nonchalant way to put your buff arms on full display, (hey, that rhymes) this executioner costume is an ideal choice. The hooded black tunic mimics the appearance of leather, and features a large round collar, shrouding wearers in mystery. The included belt has a loop so you can carry any weapon you want. (We recommend a battle ax.) Finally, wrist gauntlets complete the sleek and strapping ensemble. Clean CutDon’t feel like you have to fly solo just because you’re veiled in darkness and associated with destruction. You can (and probably will be) the life of the party. Halloween is a time to celebrate the macabre so it’s extremely likely you’ll be the most prominent party attendant. It’s inevitable you’ll be asked to re-enact a beheading at some point, so practice swinging your battle ax in the mirror before the main event.