Marvel Avengers Car Fridge Magnet: Enhance Superhero Ride

Buy this Marvel Avengers Car Magnet and add some cool graphics to your car or fridge. This magnet also makes a great gift idea for any Avenger fan!


The Avengers in TrafficNo one cuts Captain American off in traffic. Iron Man never gets tailgated when he’s driving to work. And you’d better believe that drivers respect The Incredible Hulk when he’s behind the wheel of his automobile! Do you know why? Because no one wants to mess with one with one of The Avengers when they’re on the road!Now, you might not have the superpowers needed to join the Avengers (or the skills with a bow), but you can still make the world think that you’re an official driver for the Avengers. When you use this Avengers car magnet, you might just start getting the respect that you deserve!Fun DetailsThis Marvel Avengers car magnet turns your vehicle into a transport for the Marvel superhero team. It comes with the logo from the movies on the front and it has a magnetic back, so you can stick it to your car. But this magnet isn’t just for your car! No, no, no! You can place it on your fridge, or your personal robot (if you happen to have a J.A.R.V.I.S. of your own hanging out around the house).Official Avengers VehicleOne quick note about this product. Captain America may commandeer your vehicle for official Avengers business when you place this magnet on your car!