Lady Liberty Plus Size Costume

Have you ever wanted to represent America and freedom but couldn’t figure out how? Try this Lady Liberty Plus Size Costume! Available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X.


Listen, just because you’re Lady Liberty doesn’t mean you can’t be a multi-dimensional being. Sure, you love Liberty…you stand for Liberty…heck, you’ve built your whole entire identity around Liberty…but maybe it’s time you broke out of that box and explored what else might make you happy, you know? Like, maybe you’re Lady Liberty AND A Plucky Independent Entrepreneur. Or, you could be Lady Liberty Who Also Really Digs Reality TV Don’t @ Me! Or you could go even further and be Lady Liberty, Private Investigator (think of the possibilities – a YouTube channel, a book series, maybe even your own hour-long dramatic series on Fox!)! Think about it…we know your first instinct is to be all “I’m 131 years old! I can’t go back to school! Who graduates from college at 135?” But the fact is, in 4 years, you’re still going to be 135, you know? And then what will you have to show for it, except for another layer of patina on that gorgeous copper?You know what would help in taking that first step to a fuller, more realized life? A new outfit! Don’t worry…we’re not going to go crazy here and suggest you try a pantsuit or experiment with different colors…we just think that, you know…maybe it’s time for an update! And this Lady Liberty Plus Size Costume is just the ticket. The 100% polyester interlock knit fabric is sprinkled with glitter, which can go a long way into making an old girl feel shiny and new! The mint-green sleeveless dress with a thigh high slit on right side will prove to you – and to everyone else – that you’ve still got it. It even comes with a crown and a torch, so you won’t feel nervous or naked going out into the world without your favorite accessories. Trust us – one day out in this modern take on your old faithful and you’ll be ready to take on the world in new and different ways! You might even be ready to throw out that old blue eyeshadow (baby steps!)!