Kids Spider-Man Black White Gloves: Authentic Hero Accessories

These Kids Spider-Man Black and White Gloves make your child’s hands look like those of the villain, Venom!


Spider-Man has a lot of his plate, what with all the sinister supervillains trying to destroy the city with their hi-tech weapons, keeping his hero identity a secret from Aunt May and the kids at school, and oh yeah, final exams coming up! The last thing the web slinger needs is an alien Symbiote taking over and turning him into a dark version of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.You’ve got to admit, though, his uniform looks pretty awesome in black, and your little superhero fan will look pretty awesome, too, wearing these Black Spider-Man Gloves along with their Kids Black Spider-Man Costume! These licensed Marvel costume gloves are the perfect accessory for your kid to wear while they’re swinging around a comic book costume party. We’re pretty sure that even though your little Spider-Man is sporting a dark version of his costume rather than the usual red and blue one, he’ll still save the day!